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Evaluation & Grading BCA

Pokhara University follows a four-point letter grade system. to students will be as follows

Grade       Grade Point        Description

A                     4.0                   Excellent

A-                    3.7

B+                    3.3

B                     3.0                   Good

B-                    2.7

C+                   2.3

c                      2.0                  Satisfactory

C-                    1.7

0+                    1.3

0                      1.0         Minimum Requirement

F                      0           Fail

In some rare and unusual circumstances, if a student is unable to complete all the required works for the course, he/she may be temporarily marked with an incomplete grade “I”.  If all the required works are not completed within the following semester, the   letter “I”   will be automatically converted into “F”.  The performance of a student is evaluated in terms of the following two indices:

The semester grade point average (SGPA) which is the grade point average for the semester and is given by:

SGPA = Total honor points earned in a semester/ total number of credit hours taken in a semester.

The cumulative grade point average (CGPA) which is the grade point average for all completed semester and is given by COPA= Cumulative total honor points earned/ cumulative total number of credit hours taken.

Repeating a Course

A course may be taken only once for the grade. Since the passing of all courses individually is a degree requirement, the student must retake the failed course when offered and must successfully complete the course. A student will be allowed to retake a maximum of two courses to achieve a minimum CGPA of 2.0. The grade earned on the retake examination will substitute the earlier grade earned by the student in that course. A student can retake a course only when it is offered by the college/university.

Credit Transfer and Course Withdrawal

Up to 25% of the total credit hours of the courses completed in an equivalent program of a recognized institution may be transferred/ waived for credit on the recommendation of the principal of the college. For the credit transfer. a student must receive a “B” or above grade in the respective course. Courses taken earlier than five years from the time of transfer may not be accepted for the credit transfer. However, a student transferring from one program to another program of Pokhara University may receive a credit transfer of all the compatible courses completed with at least a “C” grade.

A student may apply for withdrawal from the entire semester only on medical grounds. The principal will examine the application for semester withdrawal, and depending on the gravity of the case, he/she will make the decision. No partial withdrawal from the courses registered in a semester will be considered.

Project Work | Internship

Students are required to do an independent capstone project that involves fieldwork and its empirical analysis. In the end, the students must prepare a report of this work in the prescribed format and submit it to the authorized person/body.

Students need to do an internship as approved by the college. The purpose of the internship is to provide students with real-life, on-the-job exposure and an opportunity to apply theoretical concepts in a real-life situation. Students’ interest and intended area of concentration are taken into account while making the internship placement decisions.

Unfair Means

Students are strictly forbidden from adopting any unfair means in class assignments, tests, report-writing, and a final examination. The following would be considered as the adoption of unfair means during the examination:
• Communication with fellow students for help.
• Copying from another student’s script/report/paper.
• Copying from disk, the palm of the hand, mobile phone, or other incriminating documents.
• Any direct or indirect approach to influence teacher for the grade.
• Unruly behavior which disrupts the academic program.
If the instructor notices a student using unfair means, the student may be given an ‘F’ at the discretion of the Examination Board. Adoption of unfair means may further result in the expulsion of the student from the program, college, and the University as well.

Degree Requirements

For graduation a student should:
• earn at least a ‘D’ grade in each course as specified in the grading system section,
• complete the internship with ‘Pass’ grade
• complete all the courses, project work, and internship as specified in the curricular structure,
• a section within the maximum time period mentioned in the duration of the study section,
• Maintain at least 2 CGPA.
• Distinction and Dean’s List
A student who obtains 3.6 CGPA or above will receive the BBA-BI degree with distinction. The Dean’s List recognizes outstanding academic performances in the FMS. To qualify, a student must have 3.7 CGPA or above.