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Evaluation & Grading MBA

A student’s performance at Uniglobe College, the top-ranked college in Nepal is evaluated internally by the concerned faculty member and externally by the Office of the Controller of Examinations (COE). In each term, the academic performance of the students will be judged through (a) Internal Evaluations through continuous In-term Assessment and (b) End-term Examination.

Internal Evaluations

Students of Uniglobe college, the best management school in Nepal are evaluated internally and externally.

Internal Evaluation consists of 60% weight whereas external evaluation comprises of 40% weight. Following activities and components will play a vital role in internal evaluation:
• Written test
• Quizzes and oral test
• Workshop practices
• Assignments
• Term paper
• Project work
• Case studies, analysis, and discussion
• Unit test
• Mid-Term Examination
• Attendance
• Class participation and
• Any other miscellaneous activities as planned by a faculty member.

End-term Examination

For end-term examination, students attempt 100 marks question paper. But marks secured by the student is converted to 40%. End-term examination of I and VI trimester are governed by Pokhara University. Whereas the end-term examination from II trimester to V trimester is governed by the concerned college.

Grading System

In each course, the academic performance of a student will be evaluated on a 4-point Scale as follows:

Grade Grade Points Description
A 4 Excellent
A – 3.7
B + 3.3 Good
B 3 Fair
B – 2.7
C + 2.3
C 2 Pass in Individual Course
F 0 Fail

Grade Point Average (CGPA) which is calculated as follows:

CGPA = Cumulative total honors points earned / Cumulative total number of credit hours taken