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BHM (Bachelor Of Hospitality Management)

BHM (Bachelor of Hospitality Management)

BHM at Uniglobe College, the top BHM college in Nepal is designed to promote and prepare students for positions of leadership and responsibility in the areas of business and management. The BHM at the best management college has been established as one of the widely sought-after degrees in the country since its launch in 2009.

BBA graduates of KENNT , the best BHM college in Nepal have established the best career track records in and outside Nepal. The practical exposure of students at Uniglobe has developed dynamism and competency in the graduates of Uniglobe.

The program covers a period of four academic years spread over eight semesters and 126 credit hours. The program also requires students to complete a summer project and an internship adding 6 credits.

The first six semesters are devoted to building the fundamental concept of management. The last two semesters offer elective and specialization courses which enable the students to develop specialized and focused skills and knowledge in the area of their choice. Uniglobe College educational methods such as lectures, small group exercises, field visits, management games, project works, case studies, and presentations are used with a participatory approach. Computers, statistical tools, and audio-visual aids are also used to enable an environment conducive to teaching-learning activities.