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Affiliated Universities

Affiliated Universities

1. E.H.E European University EurAka, Switzerland

EurAka University is part of the strand of Switzerland’s private universities. The Swiss Education and Higher Education are top-ranked and own outstanding global reputation for their excellence. The EurAka University has globalised its Higher Education. The University has accrediated individually selected partner universities and colleges in Africa, Asia, and Europe to make sure that our Swiss Higher Education is accessible and affordable for many, many students, because knowledge has no borders anymore.

All academic levels Bachelor, MBA, Master’s, Doctoral Studies – PhD and DBA in Economy and Business, the Doctor of Healthcare Administration, PhD studies in Technology and Engineering, but also the postdoctoral Doctor of Science (PhD habilitata) – are part of the EurAka University’s programmes of studies. These and equal postgraduate and undergraduate studies in technology and engineering or healthcare and medical studies all are Swiss made: the EurAka University’s obligation to guarantee that best quality is delivered.

Higher Education Swiss made – all around the world’

Studies of the E.H.E. European University EurAka Switzerland are designed to be globally accessible and affordable, and future-oriented at the same time. Studies adopting holistic and cross-disciplinary approaches for a permanently changing and challenging world.

University Status & Recognition

  • The EurAka University is an officially approved private Swiss University.
  • It is approved by the Sicherheitsdirektion Basel-Landschaft and legalised by the State Chancery.
  • National International Validity
  • DIN EN ISO/IEC 17024
  • According to German BDFS (Federal German Association of Experts) and German legal expert consortium, awarded degrees of the EurAka University are equivalent to German academic degrees.

Official Swiss University Status

The EurAka University is officially approved as private, non-contributory Swiss University by the regulating Swiss authorities of the Canton Basel-Landschaft. The EurAka University’s degrees are nationally and internationally valid due to their orientation according to the decisions ‘European Higher Education Area’ (Bologna 1999), as well as the personal certification according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17024.

In addition, as both the German BDFS (Federal German Association of Experts) and a German legal expert consortium have concluded, awarded degrees of the EurAka University are equivalent to German academic degrees.

The official status of the EurAka University as a Swiss University was approved in 2002 by the Minister of State of the Republic and the Canton of Ticino, Department of Education, Culture and Sport, Department of University Studies, and in 2006 reaffirmed by the same. This ministerial approval as a University includes Degree Awarding Powers (Bachelor and Master) and Research Degree Awarding Powers (Doctoral Degrees).

2. Tribhuwan University

Tribhuvan University (TU), established in 1959, is the first national institution of higher education in Nepal. The Central Administrative Office and the Central Campus of the university are located on the north eastern facade of Kirtipur, an ancient and small town located five kilometers away from Kathmandu city Centre. The university covers over an area of 154.77 hectares (3042-5-2 ropanis) of land at Kantipur.

 After the second democratic movement of 2006, the Prime Minister of Nepal is the ceremonial chief, the Chancellor of the University, whereas the Minister of Education is the Pro-Chancellor. The Vice Chancellor is the Chief Executive of the university. Academic programmes are headed by the Rector the financial management and general administration are regulated by Registrar under the leadership of the Vice Chancellor.

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